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33 Of My Fav El Salvador Moments

1. Going to the San Salvador lookout point on the way home from the airport

2. Eating Pupusa’s all month – which is a traditonal El Salvadorian cuisine.

3. Watching a burrito made in front of me

4. Participating in P. E. at the local elementary school

5. Playing soccer with the little kids in the Hope Restored program

6. Becoming friends with Mario and Juan at the local supermarket (feat. is Mario)

7. Hiking to an active volcano, trying on fun traditional outfits and holding volcanic rock

8. Visiting Mayan ruins

9. Bringing the veterans food

10. Training with the kids/teens on Saturday’s (basketball and soccer)

11. Adoring the bright walls and pretty plants on a daily basis

12. Going to Playa Del San Diego and surfing for the FIRST time

13. Watching beautiful El Salvadorian sunsets

14. Celebrating women’s day at the elementary school, talking about Hannah from bible, and watching the little girls dance in their traditional outfits

15. Teaching English to our lovely high school students. They are amazing humans.

16. Swimming in a volcano crater

17. Visiting the famous cathedral in Santa Ana

18. Meeting the Lipscomb soccer team

19. Playing soccer in an official stadium

20. Watching the little kids hit piñatas in the slums

21. Correcting a random guy’s squat form

22. Going to a beautiful, bright, and light filled special needs orphanage to hang out with them for a day- it was fun serving them snacks and dancing

23. Shopping at a traditional market, eating free pupusa’s, drinking a fresh smoothie & meeting Steve! He’s currently writing a book and his dream is to work in Amsterdam or London to support his family.

24. Visiting a congressman’s sugarcane/coconut plantation

25. Experiencing the town Fiesta- which was a week long festival. We enjoyed yummy burritos, VIP beauty pageant seats, churros, & a parade

26. Doing a choreographed dance for the elementary school

27. Laughing hysterically when our sink fell. (Don’t worry, my host said it happens occasionally. Everything is fine.)

28. Visiting a colonial town

29. Hiking Devil’s door to a breathtakingly beautiful view and drinking hot local drinks (feat. below is a hot cashew drink and a hot corn drink)

30. Celebrating my birthday in the cute surf town of El Tunco (El Tunco means pig and that is what this rock is supposed to look like. However I struggle to see it…..)

31. Hiking to a waterfall and swimming

32. Eating oysters with the congressman and getting a free bag of coffee from his coffee plantation that is located in a volcano

33. AND FINALLY, having an amazing host who shared these moments with us


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