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So You Found Yourself In Lawrence, Kansas

  Hi! So I’m currently in Lawrence, KS chilling in my sister’s office and thought, why not write blog post? I know it’s been a while. I’ve been back in the USA for a month which seems insane to me. This past year almost seems like a dream! I’ve had a lot reflection time, slow mornings, and friend dates with a lot of job searching in between.     I spent time in Miami for a few days before heading…

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10 Thoughts That Went Through My Mind When Visiting The Taj Mahal

AND pics or didn’t happen, right?  My thoughts aren’t very philosophical. Let’s just call them for what they are: BASIC. But enjoy anyway 🙂 1) What the heck, I’m actually at the Taj??!! 2) Who would have thought a tomb would become so famous. 3) I can’t believe he built this for his wife. Talk about serious devotion. 4) Where the heck did all this marble come from? 5) How is it possible to make ceilings so intricate?? 6) Six months ago…

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What In The Entire Heck Am I Doing?

This is something I’ve been asking myself since I had the courage to submit my World Race application. It was both nerve racking and exhilarating at the same time. I’ve been thinking and praying about doing the race over the last few years and God has given me the opportunity to make this dream a reality August 2016!! What is the World Race?? Here is the run down: -Traveling to 11 countries in 11 months (Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador,…

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True Life: I Went on a Cross Country Road Trip with a Rabbit

Although I got back from this road trip over a month ago, I still think it’s a story worth telling, am I right? Better late than never! I flew out to the beautiful San Diego to visit my pretty sister and help her pack. She was relocating to Norfolk, VA so this is how the road trip extravaganza came about.   Here are some of the highlights from my trip: California -SEEING MY SISTER -Drinking Starbucks and driving on Avocado Blvd…

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