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A Day In The Life Of A World Racer

Future racers, supporters, or people in general often wonder, “what’s a day like on the World Race?”

Let me break it down for you.

  • It’s getting ready for the bus that’s supposed to pick your team up at 7 AM and take you to your ministry site but doesn’t actually come at all because pick up was never confirmed??
  • It’s packing onto another bus with two other teams that are headed to the same city. I mean, what’s 7 more people, packs, day packs, & whatever else some of us are STILL carrying??? The more the merrier, right?
  • It’s looking back and laughing at yourself for believing you were getting a private bus in the first place as you’re sitting squished with 20 other people and all their things. Have expectations much? Of course not! What are those?
  • It’s stopping at a sketchy bus stop two hours later than expected to eat questionable meat for lunch and finally go to the bathroom; only to realize it’s a squatty potty AND you forgot toilet paper. BUT the Lord has mercy on you because a squad mate remembered to snag a roll before leaving.
  • It’s listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album on the bus ride to feel festive even though the reality is that you’re in Cambodia and it’s hot and humid and the last thing you want is to actually be roasting chestnuts  over an open fire.
  • It’s finally building up the courage to open the lid of your Hydro Flask or Nalgene and take a drink either to A) have the bus hit a big bump at the exact same time you take a sip which causes the water to go everywhere but your mouth OR B) nail the timing between bumps like a boss and mentally celebrate your successful hydration.
  • It’s being slept on by a teammate one minute and sharing the same apple the next, thinking to yourself, “wow this is actually my life right now” as you type up a blog post in the Notes app on your iPhone because you realize you haven’t written a blog in a few weeks. Whoops.

The World Race is what you make it. There is never one experience like the other. If you’re a future racer, who knows what yours will be like. Maybe your bus will actually arrive on time or stop for a bathroom in timely manner. But if it doesn’t, don’t sweat it. Just smile, thank the Lord for this chaotic adventure, and try not to take life too seriously. If you’re a supporter or just someone curious, you know how to pray! You are so crucial to this journey and there is not a day that goes by that you aren’t appreciated.

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