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Nepal Short Stories: Blessings Aren’t For Sale

One day for ministry, we did a prayer walk around a Hindu temple. It was then that I saw this strange guy dressed from head to toe in orange sitting on a cement ledge. My first thought was that he was a witch doctor. That’s how bizarre he looked.

I overheard my ministry contact talking about him and what he was doing. I was intrigued and listened. I found out he was actually a priest and that people would come up to him, give him money, and receive a “blessing.”

What if a blessing had to be bought? This is a concept I’ve never thought of before.
In Nepal, this is normal.

In order to receive a blessing, locals will visit a priest for a price. The higher the priest the higher the price.

Locals legitimately believe this and some spend a ton of money in order to receive a blessing from the highest priest.

This broke my heart.

All I can think about is the abundant blessings I receive daily from the highest priest of all (JESUS HOLLAAAA).  The best part is that it’s totally free.


You don’t have to pay for blessings nor earn them when you follow Jesus.

He didn’t die on a cross for nothing.

Needless to say, I spent my time being an obnoxious hoverer around the priest that day. I prayed for him and the people who come to him seeking something they will never find.

May God richly bless you all today and if you happen to think of the beautiful, but lost  people of Nepal, pray for them. Pray they receive the blessings Christ instead of the false “blessings” of the world.




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