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10 Thoughts That Went Through My Mind When Visiting The Taj Mahal

AND pics or didn’t happen, right? 

My thoughts aren’t very philosophical. Let’s just call them for what they are: BASIC. But enjoy anyway 🙂

1) What the heck, I’m actually at the Taj??!!

2) Who would have thought a tomb would become so famous.

3) I can’t believe he built this for his wife. Talk about serious devotion.

4) Where the heck did all this marble come from?

5) How is it possible to make ceilings so intricate??

6) Six months ago I was coloring the Taj in a “creative therapy” coloring book. Started from the bottom now we here?

7) Oh my gosh footies. What. Keeping the tile floors clean is NOT a joke. (You had to wear these in order to go inside.)

8) Meeting people from all over the world is SO awesome.

9) Dang, I’m such a tourist. Did wearing a kurta help me fit in a little?….. 

10)  Thank you God for blessing me with this opportunity! 

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