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A Sweet Old Man and His Poem

Fundraising update: GUYS. I am literally $30 away from $10,000. How amazing is that? I am blown away by God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Reaching the $10,000 mark is my JULY goal. Thank you so much for all who have donated and for the continued support in prayer. It means so much to me!

I have the privilege to meet and talk with lots of neat people at the part time job I’m currently working. One of them in particular, named Jay, never ceases to stop and talk to me about how good the Lord is. Some days you never really know what he’ll do. He stopped and sang me a couple hymns one week.

Jay is a retired Army Veteran and he suffers from Parkinson’s. He doesn’t have a car so he is constantly walking EVERYWHERE with his little cane or he waits for the local Trolley. He has the biggest sweet tooth alive and he doesn’t know a stranger. If there is one thing I get from every conversation he has with me, its that Jesus fills him to the brim. He is the definition of joy and God blesses me every time I see him.

This past week I saw him once again and he gave me a copy of the poem he wrote last month. I absolutely love this little guy and wanted to share his sweet poem.

It’s called, He Cares


Christ Cares when we fall

His power gives strength to the soul

He cares in life and beyond

He cares through moments – good and bad

He cares about not who we were

Just who we strive to be

He cares – His love is without bounds

Always – He cares


By Jay


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