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Fair Trade Feature: Las Aguas Verdes + MOTHER’S DAY SALE

As mentioned in my previous post, I got the privilege and opportunity to partner with Rancho Oasis for Youth this month.  Aside from running their ranch, they also run a self sustaining fair trade school and store called Las Aguas Verdes.  They sell beautiful hand made beaded jewelry.


Photo by Katie Horst

I got to talk with Marillyn, the one who primarily runs the trade school, more in depth about her heart behind it and how it came about and I wanted to share it with you guys. 🙂

(She also has her own blog. Check it out —> here 🙂 )

The Honduran education system used to give students their diplomas after the completion of 6th grade, but within the last couple years it changed it to 9th grade. Majority of students finish 6th grade at 11 years old, but they can’t start 7th grade until they’re 14. The gap causes students to drop out and by the time they’re 14 it’s not worth going back again. A lot don’t return out of shame and embarrassment because they struggle with reading and writing.

Las Aguas Verdes (which means “the green waters”) encourages staying in school- whether it’s being there till they start school again or going to Saturday school and taking the GED. However the trade school provides a creative and spiritual education through learning how to make their own beads and having a bible study at the start of every class. Through learning the trade, they also learn how to take notes, determine measurements, read more efficiently, and share their knowledge with each other. The school also allows them to take their work home with them in order to stay busy. They make the paper beads at home so they are ready to varnish when they get to school.


Photo by Katie Horst


The school isn’t just for students in between school but also single mothers. Ojojona is located in the mountains about an hour from the city of Tegucigalpa. For single moms, it isn’t practical to raise their kids and work in the city, although many do. Because Tegucigalpa is an hour away, it creates a longer work day, less time with their kids, and a burden on their grandparents to watch them all day. Through working at the school, single moms don’t have to work late hours or drive far at all.

The students meet every Tuesday morning at 8:30 and go till about 3:30 in the afternoon.

The heart behind the trade school is to create job opportunities while also providing creative and spiritual education to equip those that know school will never be an option and to provide an income for those who need to support their families.

Now we all know Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching which is why I wanted to inform you guys about their MOTHER’S DAY SALE 🙂 It’s happening now through May 15th.

You can shop their Etsy story here and use the coupon code below for 30% off!

BUT that’s not it. I also have 4 fruit of the spirit necklaces (2 in silver and 2 in copper) available for purchase that are not yet in their Etsy shop. You can purchase them through me for $12 each 🙂

Contact me ASAP if you’re interested because they’re going to go fast!

Photo by Katie Horst

For custom orders like the bracelet I’m wearing above and the necklace I’m wearing below, email Marillyn at marillynbeard@gmail.com. You can also shop similar styles on their store 🙂

Photo by Katie Horst

What better way to surprise mom AND support an awesome organization? Shop for yours today!

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