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Goodbye, Cote d’Ivoire. Hello Ghana.

We ended our time in Cote d’Ivoire on a good note. Although waiting and feeling restless were a couple themes last month, God taught us all a lot about expectations, rest, and the art of being. It was weird not having the “go-go” mentality and it definitely trained me to stop looking to the next thing on my schedule because we honestly didn’t have one.

Our mission for Cote d’Ivoire was more about being a presence than a servant. The sooner that was accepted, the sooner God was able to work. In the midst of feeling like we did nothing, we did more than we probably realized. They saw the stereotypical American in a new light; one that brought hope and encouragement through the abandonment of our everyday comforts.

God has a sense of humor because the day we got to Ghana we had a schedule already in place (a siesta was even included mid-day).

God is always preparing us for something in our current season, but He lets us choose our attitude in the midst of the season.

This month we are staying in Cape Coast and working with a basketball ministry called Hoops Care International.

Here is a rough schedule of what a typical day looks like (Africa time is still a thing though):


6:30-7:30 am:  breakfast

7:30-8ish am: quiet time

8-9ish am: discussion on John (we are going over a chapter of John everyday)

9ish-12:30ish/1 pm: street evangelism

1-2 pm: lunch

2-3:30/4ish: siesta

4:30- dark: basketball practice (I get to help lead warm up, form drills, and stretching)

7:30ish: dinner


We are also working in schools, helping with women’s ministry, doing community health outreaches, and assisting with different youth ministries.

God knew what this month was going to look like, which is why he gave us all the time last month to rest up and prepare spiritually.

Ghana is incredible and I absolutely love it here. You can’t really beat playing basketball on the beach.




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