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It’s Not About Me

If there’s one thing the first week in a half in Cote d’Ivoire has taught me is that this whole race is not about me. It never was and it never will be. Of course I knew this before I left, but now that I’m here I see how flawed my thinking was going into this. It’s not about the places I get to go, what I get to do and see. It’s not about the routine I have or don’t have, getting a workout in, what I look like, when I get to shower, or even when I get to sit down for a meal. I’m not saying this because I’m having a rough experience, or I’m uncomfortable. Because I have more than enough and my ministry host honestly makes me feel spoiled this month. (Yes family, I have a bed, running water, and electricity). But it just dawned on me a couple days ago when I was worshiping with my team how much I was putting myself before God. IT’S NOT ABOUT ME.  It’s about Him. He’s the big picture, but He also fills in the little details; often times with extra care. And the thing is, it’s the little details I don’t think to even ask Him for at home because they are already given to me without thought. I’m seeing God’s provisions in more ways than I’ve ever seen it before and its only month one.

Anyway, Cote d’Ivoire is wonderful. It’s been a little chaotic, but it’s cool because we are pioneering this country for future racers since we’re the first squad that’s ever been here. We’ve met a few different ministry contacts and my team along with another team has been assigned to one specifically. It has been so much fun getting to know them.

I’ve been told that this has been an unusual month one because five out of the eight teams within the squad are staying together. Normally it’s one team per city or ministry.

We’ve been doing lots of sporadic things and our schedule has never been set in stone.

A few of the things we’ve gotten to do or will eventually do consist of

  • Working in a TV station (it’s apparently worldwide?? – & satellite- channel 193 Oh and yes we have been on it a couple times without any heads up at all. So that was fun haha
  • Street evangelism in some different towns or villages
  • Random worship sessions without warning in front of the church
  • All night prayers services (this is not a joke – 10 pm-5 am happened last week and 12 am-5 am yesterday morning)

Basically we’ve been going with the flow. All we want is to serve them in whatever way possible, but most of the time it feels like we’re the ones being served, which is definitely a difficult dynamic at times.

I planned on posting a video of our sporadic worship session/dance party, but the internet is way to slow. I’m hoping I can at least upload a short snippet of it to my Instagram so check that out! (


Also I thought this was just plain humorous.



Thanks again for all your love, support, and prayers!




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    Debbie baker
    August 22, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Love seeing where you are and hearing your stories!! Journey on for Christ Hannah! Shine your light!

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