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Nepal Short Stories: I’ll Drink Pop For Jesus

I don’t drink pop. Like ever. I’ve probably had 2 or 3 in the last 5 years.

However, when you’re sitting in a cabin restaurant and given a Mirinda (basically orange Fanta), you drink it in the Name of Jesus and don’t ask questions.

Let’s talk about what a cabin restaurant is for a second.

It is a restaurant that looks totally normal on the outside, sort of blends in to what’s around it, but is essentially an overly priced brothel. The more men buy, the more “service” they get. It is extremely sad and heartbreaking. When you walk in, you see a bunch of stalls or “cabins” on either side with a table in each one.

One day for ministry, a group of us went in. We got into a cabin and wanted to buy more than just a drink, but the girl’s time. Unfortunately, she was “busy” in a couple other cabins, so we were only able to get drinks from her.

However that did not stop us. We continued to sit and stay a while. Although we did not get much of her time, we were still a bright light in the midst of a very dark place. My host prompted us to pray out loud like we were in a normal conversation with each other. We had to spell out words like God, Jesus, him, her, etc. just to be cautious. (It’s illegal to spread the gospel in Nepal). We did this for probably 45 minutes. It was such a cool thing, We proclaimed Truth in that cabin restaurant. We claimed Freedom for the girls working and the men that walked in.

Light trumped darkness. Even though I didn’t feel like I did much that day, I know major things were happening in the spiritual realm. I sipped my overly priced Miranda and praised the Lord that I had the opportunity to be in such a place.

The men thought we were oblivious Americans that didn’t know where we actually were, but we did and we brought Jesus with us.


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5




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