So You Found Yourself In Lawrence, Kansas


Hi! So I’m currently in Lawrence, KS chilling in my sister’s office and thought, why not write blog post?

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been back in the USA for a month which seems insane to me. This past year almost seems like a dream! I’ve had a lot reflection time, slow mornings, and friend dates with a lot of job searching in between.



I spent time in Miami for a few days before heading home due to my squad flying into Miami, Fl. My awesome squad mate showed us around her home city and it was a blast. One of my friends wrote this article that was published on the Odyssey about our time in Miami. It includes some of the things we saw, ate, and did. I highly suggest giving it a read if you or anyone you know is headed to Miami anytime soon 🙂




As part of my “month 12” back in the USA, I’ve traveled to Kansas (where I am currently) to bunny sit for my cool, Navy sister. Lawrence is the home of Kansas University which is actually a pretty cool college town. It’s not Bloomington, but I still highly recommend.



My best friend flew out for the week so we got to do a lot of exploring.


Things to do

  • Visit the Washington Creek Lavender Farm (the owners are very nice and super informative. I never realized there were so many types of Lavender)
  • Take a stroll on Massachusetts Street (there are tons of local shops and eats)
  • Enjoy a beach day at Clinton Lake
  • Spend some time in the sun at the Lawrence Outdoor Aquatics Center
  • Walk/drive around the KU campus
  • Check out Naismith’s rules of baksetball! (Yes, KU has the ORIGINAL rules on display)
  • Take a free workout class (some of the local gyms offer a free class to first time guests. I took hot yoga.)
  • Watch a Royals Game (I’m aware the stadium is in Kansas City, MO, but how can you not when you’re only 45 minutes away?)
  • Go on a morning run to a breakfast joint (sorry, had to include that because it’s one of my fav things to do)


Favorite places to eat


Featuring ta massive homemade marshmallow at The Roost

Favorite places for dessert

Places I didn’t get to try but want to in the future

Hopefully this helps if you ever in a million years find yourself in Lawrence bunny sitting for your your older sister. Or maybe just visiting a friend in the area.

My sister got back a couple days ago so we’ve gotten to spend a lot of quality time together too. God is good.

I head to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow to visit some friends. I’m super excited!

If anyone has any suggestions of fun things to do in Portland, Vancouver (Washington not Canada), or Seattle post in the comment section below. 🙂

I greatly appreciate it! Have an awesome day 🙂




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